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ListMessenger exceeds expectations as a well designed, easy to use, lightweight mailing list management solution for your website. ListMessenger is feature packed but because of its intuitive design remains simple to use and easy to maintain.
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ListMessenger Support Policy

Support for both ListMessenger Light and ListMessenger Pro are available on a best-effort basis 24 / 7 via the public discussion forums, which are located at Responses to technical support inquiries are generally provided within 24 to 48 hours during the standard work week.

The follow describes the different support options currently available for ListMessenger.

ListMessenger Pro

Technical support for ListMessenger Pro is provided in the follow escalation order only. Please do not e-mail us for support without providing a link to your discussion post or your inquiry may go unanswered.

  1. Tier 1) Forum Support
    All support issues must be initially addressed via the public forum mentioned above. Before you ask your question please use the forum search functionality to see if someone else has already encountered the issue you are having. If your issue has not been previously addressed please start a new thread for your support issue.
  2. Tier 2) E-Mail Support
    If your issue cannot be solved publicly via the discussion forums your issue may be escalated to e-mail support to continue the discussion. When you are requested to send an e-mail to support, please include a link to the public discussion thread that has previously taken place so we have some context for the request.
  3. Tier 3) Login Support
    If your issue cannot be solved via the forum or e-mail you may be asked to provide us with some temporary FTP and ListMessenger login details so that we can log into your installation and accurately diagnose and resolve your issue.

ListMessenger Light

There is limited support available via the public forums for ListMessenger Light users. We do our best to answer questions promptly; however, our ListMessenger Pro customers will undoubtedly be prioritized.

If you require additional support above and beyond what is provided on the forum, the only option to get us involved further is to purchase a licence key of ListMessenger Pro. We apologize for any inconvenience; however, we are unable to provide e-mail or login support for users of ListMessenger Light at this time.