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ListMessenger exceeds expectations as a well designed, easy to use, lightweight mailing list management solution for your website. ListMessenger is feature packed but because of its intuitive design remains simple to use and easy to maintain.
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Licence Key Reset Policy

ListMessenger Pro is licenced on a per-domain basis, and due to the fact that we do not charge for software upgrades, we have several rules in place regarding licence key resets for ListMessenger Pro.

We will only agree to reset a Standard Single-Domain Licence Key for ListMessenger Pro when the request meets the following conditions:

  1. The licence key was purchased no more than 12 months prior to the request.
  2. The licence key has not previously been reset.
  3. The licence key resides in the Members Area account of the individual making the request.
  4. The Members Area account is in "good standing".
  5. The domain name change is of minimal impact (i.e. >, or > Please Note: We do not consider company name changes (i.e. > to be of a minimal impact, you would need to purchase a new licence key to continue using the application.

ListMessenger Pro is licenced on a per-domain basis, this means you purchase a licence for a single domain name. We reserve the right to decline licence key reset requests for any reason that does not meet the conditions as described above.