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ListMessenger exceeds expectations as a well designed, easy to use, lightweight mailing list management solution for your website. ListMessenger is feature packed but because of its intuitive design remains simple to use and easy to maintain.
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If I buy ListMessenger Pro, will you install it for me? How much?

Yes, if you purchase ListMessenger Pro basic installation is included and is usually completed within 72 hours of us receiving all required information. Please contact sales as listmessenger dot com to arrange installation after you purchase and have received your licence key.

The following 3 pieces of information are required in order for us to complete your installation:

1. MySQL Login Information:
MySQL Hostname:
MySQL Database:
MySQL Username:
MySQL Password:

2. FTP Login Information:
FTP Hostname:
FTP Username:
FTP Password:

3. Licence Key E-Mail
The one with the authorisation code and file attached.
Please ensure that you provide us with all 3 pieces of information in order to get your installation done in a timely manner.